5 Things You Need To Know Before Visiting South Carolina

Five things you need to know before visiting South Carolina
South Carolina is the best place to be during vacation, either as an individual or as a family. Charleston and Greenville are some of the romantic and beautiful cities in South Carolina. The most exciting feature of the place is the topography, which is composed of: mountains, lakes, beaches, and forest.

The site also has a natural beauty which attracts most tourist to the southeast of the United States. Other than the beautiful sceneries, the place also has the most exciting college rivalries in various games, making it entertaining. Before visiting South Carolina, here are the five things one should know first:

The cities are not big

Charleston and Greenville, which are the cities in South Carolina, are not significant. The small size of the cities makes it exciting since they contain various fascinating sceneries. Charleston has had the opportunity to be ranked the best city in the United States because of its attractive and appealing sites.

There is sweet tea

South Carolina offers sweet tea. The sweet tea in the place will make a visitor forget about the iced tea in their home town. 

The city of Charleston

It is known for its charm and beauty. It is one of the places which one must visit while at South Carolina because of the various exciting sceneries. The city covers five square miles, but it is at this place that one will find the tourist attractions, restaurants, and bars. The diversity in the residents of the city makes it interesting.

There are students, families, wealthy socialites, and young professionals in the area. The town has two bridges, one on the east leads to the city of Mount pleasant. It is at that side of the peninsula that one will find Sullivan Island, a beach and Isle palms.

At the west side, there is James Island and has Folly Beach, which is famous. It is at the west side that one can visit the West Ashley known for its local bars. At the northern part of Charleston, one can visit the Park Circle which has restaurants and breweries.  Other than Folly Beach there are Seabrook Island, Kiawah Island and Isle Palms which visitors can tour while at Charleston.
Presence of outlet shopping

Other than the fascinating historical and cultural aspect of Charleston and Greenville visitors at South Carolina enjoy the outlet shopping space. Right from Myrtle beach to Tanger outlets visitors can shop in various stalls all day. The shopping experience allows visitors to develop their bargaining skills as they enjoy the scene.  Shopping is available as an alternative or addition to the various sceneries in Charleston and Greenville.
The Blue Ridge mountain

Other than the beaches and the historical sites, South Carolina also has a beautiful landscape and natural beauty. The Blue Ridge Mountains is located at Greenville near Spartanburg. The Blue Ridge Mountain is famous and has been often referred to as “state treasure.” ¬†South Carolina has state parks and wilderness which the visitors can visit other than the beaches and the beauty of the landscape – learn to know more about sightseeing in greenville south carolina.

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